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Developer WinZip Computing, S.L.

WinZip lets you create, edit, and extract ZIP and other archive file formats. The program can open all major formats, reduce file size ...

WinZip Self-Extractor

Developer WinZip International LLC

The interface of WinZip Self-Extractor is actually a “wizard” that lets you create a self-extracting ZIP archive while going through all ...

WinZip Malware Protector

Developer WinZip International LLC

WinZip Malware Protector is a powerful application that protects your system and your personal data against spyware, Trojans, worms, and ...

WinZip Command Line

Developer WinZip International

WinZip Command Line is a program that allows you to control and configure WinZip directly from the command ...

WinZip Express for Explorer

Developer WinZip Computing, S.L.

The WinZip® Express for Explorer add-on gives you instant access to WinZip's most popular features right from Windows Explorer. Just ...

WinZip E-Mail Companion

Developer WinZip Computing

In our days almost every file we work with that has graphics, complex formats, images, etc., will exceed the size limits to send ...

WinZip Pro

Developer WinZip Computing

WinZip 15.5 introduces new functionality that makes it even easier to compress files, encrypt confidential information, share ...

WinZip Express for Office

Developer WinZip Computing, S.L.

WinZip Express for Office is a program that lets you access WinZip features for zipping, encrypting and sharing without having to leave Office. ...

WinZIP Repair Free

Developer Recovery Toolbox, Inc.

WinZIP Repair Free is an easy-to-use application which helps you repair corrupted WinZip files. There are situations when compression ...


Developer WinZip Computing, S.L.

WinZip Computing WinZip Win7 x64

Developer WinZip Computing

AP00019 - Winzip Computing WinZip SR-1

Developer WinZip Computing

Winzip Winzip SR-1

Developer winzip

WinZip Computing Inc Winzip

Developer WinZip Computing, S.L.

Winzip w/command-line tools

Developer WinZip Computing

It allows you to use WinZip directly from the command prompt and from batch (.BAT) files and script languages ...